Heal your body, spirit, life! Create properity! Resolve relationships! Resolve any problem! Overcome stagefright! Overcome any fear! Overcome learning disabilities! Quit smoking, drinking, etc.! Create your life the way YOU want it!

Voice Therapy is a powerful technique for healing and personal growth using breathing and sound vibrations! (There is no licensing for voice therapy.)

Celeste has developed this new, yet ages-old technique over many years of practice for herself, clients, and other people in her life. She has had great success, bringing herself back from the dead in Grossmont Hospital, healing her own body every day, achieving higher and higher levels of health and awareness for herself, students, and clients! She has helped many people overcome stagefright, heal many and varied health conditions, and resolve relationship issues.

$75/hour, $40/half hour. In studio or over-the-phone.

Celeste is also a renown vocalist and voice coach.

To schedule an appointment or for more information, please call Celeste at 858-467-0776
P. O. Box 700013, Wabasso, FL 32970 - 858-380-6594
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