Real music for real people! You get to choose your repertoire. I suggest exercises and technical training, but we tailor the session to suit your needs.

Audition/performance preparation (American Idol, Old Globe Theater, CYT, JCC, school productions, community theatre, etc.) We can work on acting, movement and choreography for your audition as well as sound.

Record a CD of your music!

I am an accomplished pianist who can accompany a singer in any key. I can also record your piano accompaniment for auditions or performances.

I can show you how to accompany yourself on piano!

Pianists! I would like to show you how to play popular music by ear or lead sheets. It's quick and easy! And you get to play exactly what you want. Play with other musicians, guitarists, singers, saxophonists etc. Sound like a pro, not stiff like a beginner!

Learn to read music. Learn important technical skills. But don't be chained to the notation! Sound better than what's written! We can play a lot more notes than we can read or write -- a lot faster!

I am a music producer as well as a recording artist and songwriter. I can help you with all of these things. Music theory; arranging for piano and voice, small combos or recording sessions; songwriting and music composition are topics we can work on if you choose.

I am also a healer and voice therapist, specializing in overcoming stage fright. However, I have also helped clients heal from a number of health conditions.

I love working with children. They are so cute! They benefit from working with a real pro musician (not a schoolmarm) who is accomplished, yet loves working with kids!

I enjoy working with adults, too. I am able to help them with their music careers or just play/sing music they love for their own enjoyment.

I am extremely selective of my student/client base. I only work with quality people who are respectful of others. I will not allow just anyone in my home or studio! For your protection, as well as mine!

I do, however, work with beginners up to very advanced. It would be my privilege to work with you through all stages of your musical development!


$55 per hour, $30 per half hour, payable in advance at time of booking. This is for students who pay for the month (4 sessions) up front -- $220 or $120. Single lessons (or trial lessons) are $60 per hour or $35 per half hour.

24 hour notice cancellation policy.

Non-smoking only. No perfumes or synthetic fragrances. This applies to parents and all guests entering the studio. Over-the-phone voice therapy available for smokers who wish to quit before they begin music training.

No refunds.

$25 fee for returned checks.


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San Diego, CA, 92117


"You are a great vocal coach! Thank you for producing my third demo in your studio. I am making extra income in my new career singing at weddings, parties and churches, because of your guidance and referrals." --- Jenny, singer/songwriter/pianist and adult student for over 3 years

"You did a great job producing my 7 demos at Studio West. Let's go for #8! Each recording sounds better than the one before. I won BankofAmerican Idol thanks to my vocal training!" --- Tamara, adult student for almost 4 years

"Thanks for your patience with Peyton's ADD. She really enjoys her singing and piano lessons. We look forward to working with you to prepare for the next CYT audition." --- Peyton's grandma, 8-year-old student for almost 1 year

"Everyone told me I was tone-deaf, but you taught me to hear the pitch. It's really fun to come in and sing my favorite songs every week." --- Bob, adult student for 2 years

"Bradley won't admit it, but I think he really likes to sing! Thanks for suggesting some sports songs like the "Star Spangled Banner" and "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." He will be playing "Yellow Submarine" on piano for our upcoming music camp in Santa Barbara." --- Bradley's parents, 9-year-old student for almost 4 years

"Kane is excelling at playing piano, thanks to your instruction. He entertains the whole family with his large repertoire of 7 songs. He plays Happy Birthday at all the family events to help us celebrate. Thanks for letting him sing a song at the end of his piano lesson." --- Kane's grandfather, 7-year-old student for 1 year

"You were the only vocal coach willing to teach Isabella at 3 years old. Thanks for your patience through her initial shyness. I am so happy she is getting a head start." --- Isabella's mom, former student

"My hands don't work like they used to with this arthritis. My piano lesson helps." --- Stan, 85-year-old former student

Reasonable Rates: $55/Hour | $30/Half Hour
(858) 467-0776

P. O. Box 700013, Wabasso, FL 32970 - 858-380-6594
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